Sunday, November 6, 2011


Thanks, everyone!!:) 2,000 views!! I'll try to add more things asap. ALSO LOOKING FOR PRO HEAD AND BODY MAKERS TO BE ADMINS IN THIS SITE! No hackers, glitchers, deleters, or stealers of copyrighted work. You must show me a head and body THAT YOU MADE. No recolors or work that isn't yours.


If you like this site, follow it please!:) i might start adding guy heads and bodies soon(if i don't forget my password AGAIN) I am in the guild TIZZER and my guild is TAZE. Pm me on Graal if you have any additional questions or comments, or just comment them on this post!:)

The bunny slippers dress:D

I didn't get as many followers as i would like, but i'll upload it anyways:) the first one is the .gif one with the heart, star, and smiley face on it with the changing slippers colors. the second one is the .png one with only the heart.