I'm tutti, an overglorified internet addict, and my graal character looks like a 29x40-something version of this:
I've been a member of Graal since April of 2010. I used to be honest-to-god addicted, but many of my friends quit so eventually, I did too. I've quit a few times, but I usually relapse after a couple months... I sound like I'm talking about drugs. Whatever, you know where I hide the coke. On a less illegal note, I would like to say that I know I haven't done the best job of posting a lot on here, but from now (December 27th of 2013) on, I will try to get at least SOMETHING to you guys every week or so. I'm fairly busy with school, cheer, and friends, so give me a little slack. :)  On to what you might actually care about, if you would like to get ahold of me, the best way in this entire world would be to kik me @MorgieLee_.You may also pm me on Graal, and my name is usually tutti and I'm off and on in psycho. If you ask, I would be happy to link your gfx blog on the sidebar of this blog. Any requests will be taken under consideration as long as you understand that I can and most likely will post any heads I make other than my own personal ones on here. You may use any heads/shields/bodies you want, but do NOT pretend that they are your own. I can and will report you for that. If you post any of my customs on your gfx site, I ask that you give me credit. That should be about it, so thank you to the very very very few of you that read all the way through this. :)

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