Saturday, August 9, 2014


It's been a long time. I do mostly personal gfx nowadays, and am sorta slowing down everything for school. I'll definitely be online soo much less when it starts (a week from today), but I am very nervous and anxious about it. I think it scares me a bit because I have some fairly hard classes this year as a junior and life is moving on so quickly that it's hard to catch up. You won't hear from me much on here though, not that you ever did... but I'll leave what small amount of you that do check on here with a very basic work that I did not super long ago and a few contact details. Thanks for all your support over the years!

Graal Name: tutti (Samhain)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

UPDATED: Side braid head- blinking purple!

updated 5-28 for placement issues

the head-shield duo is done!

PLEASE PM ME IF YOU USE THIS HEAD, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HOW IT LOOKS AND ANY POINTS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENT. I was having some tech problems last night with uploading, but it's all good now. The shield code that goes with the head is tutti-sidebraid-shield.png. Enjoy!

new heads!

Okay. My excuses for neglecting this blog are 1. i didn't feel like it with cheer and homework and the surgery i had on my foot and whatever, 2. i had no motivation or ideas, and 3. my fav computer that i deliver all of these lovely customs to you on broke, but it has been fixed and i have a couple new customs for you guys :)

The first one is just a head from Latte's site that i turned into a side bun and changed the face.

 This second one is yet to have a shield to upload that could go with it because graal upload is being a major butt, but i will make a new post once it goes through. It's taken me all night, so please give me credit.