Thursday, May 28, 2015

been forever..

I just logged on after fixing the purple head a few posts below this (check it out if you'd like, it blinks n stuff) and found a draft of a post. I THOUGHT I'd posted it, but apparently had not and it is a head I uploaded for myself around a year ago and wanted to share! It had tons of issues that spiraled into more but I fixed the animation, added shadowing, and changed the hair from a questionably made braid into a short style.
This isn't necessarily my style anymore so since it's summer, I might work some more and put out some that looks a bit more cartoonish and simple! Hope to see you all soon ;)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


It's been a long time. I do mostly personal gfx nowadays, and am sorta slowing down everything for school. I'll definitely be online soo much less when it starts (a week from today), but I am very nervous and anxious about it. I think it scares me a bit because I have some fairly hard classes this year as a junior and life is moving on so quickly that it's hard to catch up. You won't hear from me much on here though, not that you ever did... but I'll leave what small amount of you that do check on here with a very basic work that I did not super long ago and a few contact details. Thanks for all your support over the years!

Graal Name: tutti (Samhain)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

UPDATED: Side braid head- blinking purple!

updated 5-28 for placement issues

the head-shield duo is done!

PLEASE PM ME IF YOU USE THIS HEAD, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HOW IT LOOKS AND ANY POINTS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENT. I was having some tech problems last night with uploading, but it's all good now. The shield code that goes with the head is tutti-sidebraid-shield.png. Enjoy!

new heads!

Okay. My excuses for neglecting this blog are 1. i didn't feel like it with cheer and homework and the surgery i had on my foot and whatever, 2. i had no motivation or ideas, and 3. my fav computer that i deliver all of these lovely customs to you on broke, but it has been fixed and i have a couple new customs for you guys :)

The first one is just a head from Latte's site that i turned into a side bun and changed the face.

 This second one is yet to have a shield to upload that could go with it because graal upload is being a major butt, but i will make a new post once it goes through. It's taken me all night, so please give me credit.

Monday, December 30, 2013

I made a body!

in about half an hour, surprisingly. I had the basic part of it done, but it took me a while to make, paste, and alter the hood and strings. The original body template that I used (and completely changed) is from Latte's site. I just took her winter sweater, made it one color, and went on from there! Like always, you have permission to upload and alter this, but give me credit. When uploading, make sure to not set the transparency! I'll take any recolor requests, but I won't add hair to any bodies unless they go with a head I've made as well. Thank you for the somehow still growing views, you guys are great!
Note: When I uploaded my own version of this body, it didn't work at first so if you attempted to upload either body before new year's eve, it probably didn't work, but the updated versions are below! Pm me if you try them and they don't work.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Revolutionary: I actually made a shield

Unless you were to have a head the exact color of mine, this wouldn't be of much use, but I made a hair shield! If for some reason you were interested though, here is a picture and the code:

setshield tutti-purple-hair-shield.png

Sorry, I'm impulse blogging, I'll stop now.

First head post in a while :)

The .gif version (it blinks) of this head was made for my good friend mandi :) I will give you the .png version. You are free to do anything you'd like with it, as long as you do not flaunt the original image as your own. If you've got a recolor request, just pm me what color you'd like it in (my name is tutti, I'm in the guild cirque, and I look like this:), and I would be happy to recolor it, as I've got nothing to do with my break anyhow.
The original head was by Sophie from
I changed the eyes, hair a little bit, hair color, and about half of the actions.
If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out their site, they're very talented and it's the first place i go for ideas on customs! Anyway, I hope you like the head :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

sorta back!

Hey guys! It's almost been a year... I'm not so inactive anymore, so maybe I'll do a few head requests! pm me if you've got any :)

A new thing I think I'll start doing is whenever I get a new head, I'll post the old one. I'd start this tradition now, but I've deleted all my old head files. Just for you guys, though, I'll keep any new ones :)

To start things off, I'll show you what I've been working on. The head has been finished and uploaded, while the body is, to put it lightly, impossible. I'm using a body template from Latte and the head template was changed quite a lot from Lucy's one-side curls.

I hope to stay active in the future and keep making gfx no matter how flustered I get... Happy holidays! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Since I'm on break and have absolutely NOTHING to do, I've decided to make a few heads! I'm putting them up as I go, so be sure to check up on this post from time to time!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Handing It Over

Sorry guys, the site has been kinda dead lately.. I don't think I'll be posting anything anymore, so if you want admin powers over it, pm me on graal. My name is Tutti Fruiti, without any weird characters or anything. I'd prefer someone whom I already know and trust, but I don't know. Pm me, and I'll talk to you about it.. thank you guys for being active on here, sorry that I haven't been, and I love you.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I noticed this site has not had a lot of new post for a while. You could say I have been "busy" sorta... I have been playing era more than classic o: So, if ya ever want to chat I am called Happy Appy(Purity) Heres a body i made I think I dunno... Oh I recolored this DUHHH. Well here ya guys go~ This was orignally made by someone i dont know who but credit to them<3 tata

Saturday, October 27, 2012

HEY PPL!!!! So ik people dont check out this site anymore D: BUT MAH NAME IS NOW Zairee xD k bai ll try to post soon btw latte is baack :D

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hello! I wanted to tell you guys something so please sit down or if your sitting down please lay down,and if your already laying down just close your eyes. I will be practicing my gfx skills :DD because i suck! so, if your wondering and saying,"Anna why are you being dumb and practicing!?"Well silly little kid. My graphics are terrible V~V thanks for reading this and bye!!~

iFail but uWin

 >.> Here have another one of my fail bodies!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I quit Graal.

As of 9:53pm central time, last night, I am done with Graal. I need to focus on school. I'm not coming back. I'll check in maybe once a month or to check offline pm's, but other than that, i am completely done with that game. Yes, I'll keep the site running, I might post a head or some news every once in a while, but I am hoping my admins will keep posting heads/bodies/shields. That's all, and I love you guys.

Monday, August 13, 2012


alright bishes. Here's my first head since my comeback:) I'll work on a version with cat ears/different colors later on.. but here you go for now:)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anna can edit o:

This is an army body i made for a friend that never used it =_= and a fail body that I hated and never wanted to see again.So...enjoy :D

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My eye hurts e.e
But I just wanted you guys to know that I'll be using this account on here:o
Also, I changed the layout.
Like? Change back? Something different?
I want your feedback:)