Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Nevermind, guys.. I guess it was all just a mishap:3 Yeeeeee budddy!

What the hell?!?!?

So, i was afk in my guild house on Graal.. Next time that I looked at my iPod.. I saw that I have been BANNED FOR 173 HOURS. I did absolutely nothing-.- Oh well.. Graal can suck my dick anyhow._. So, i guess i wont be on for a week-.-
Hey, uh. Yeah. So.. I think I'm getting a computer when school starts:3 so, like, august-.- but still c: As soon as i get it, I'll be sure to start working on heads, kay? Kay. If you have any requests for something i should make, pm me on graal:0 My name is Tutti Fruiti(LeLuNaTiC).. Dur da durr. Buuttt, yeah!:D That will be all:0 Sincerely, That bish.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

yes,you can edit it.(: no need for permission or anything.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Anna's crappy edit

I noticed someone wanted a brunette version....HAPPY B-DAY!Well enjoy this horrible edit  =^_^=

Your's truly~Annakittcat

Saturday, June 16, 2012


;D loved how this turned out! woot the shield is...... Setshield abbys-piggyballoon-shield.png  (HOPE YA LIKE IT!) btw u can edit this if ya want ;p 
HEY GUYS so youve heard ive advertised huh ^-~ har har lolol k so this pic doesnt really look like katniss.. but i did my best xD so hope u enjoy the pig balloon shield is gonna be made in just a sec thanks guys here it is

Monday, June 11, 2012

New update...

Hey guys abby here. im really sorry if you were very excited for recolors or the new suit tail bunny slipper with suspenders body xD SOO LONG! ok so btw i was saying this week ill be working on a pig balloon shield ill make recolors next week and the body after the week recolors of the head comes out so im really sorry for that and sorry this message is long.. btw the shield is public i so cheap :D

Friday, June 8, 2012


preview of the suit suspenders body :D excited people? be patient!!! ABBY will make thish soon!

An orange died hair recolors soon..

Sup Graalians xD new admin here :D since im new id like to give you my old head :p ok its a died orange hair head so hope ya enjoy u can edit or recolor ill be recoloring this next week or sooner thanks! Enjoy.. btw a pig when u push in the back lmao by the way this is abby :D well smorbby from graal xD


Hello my lovelys!<3 

I am annakittcat but most call me anna!I will be helping my graal friend tutti...first of my business is...
I think that's about it so I guess your waiting for a head well you going to haveto wait longer :D Bye for now helpful pal c;

Ah, shit..

Sorry guys:/ i haven't been updating this.. I was lazy and I still don't have a working computer.. But.. I'm saving up for one.. $175 so far.. And.. Yeah.. So, I think I'll recruit a few of my Graalian friends as admins to keep the site running until I can contribute... Again, sorry:(