Monday, December 30, 2013

I made a body!

in about half an hour, surprisingly. I had the basic part of it done, but it took me a while to make, paste, and alter the hood and strings. The original body template that I used (and completely changed) is from Latte's site. I just took her winter sweater, made it one color, and went on from there! Like always, you have permission to upload and alter this, but give me credit. When uploading, make sure to not set the transparency! I'll take any recolor requests, but I won't add hair to any bodies unless they go with a head I've made as well. Thank you for the somehow still growing views, you guys are great!
Note: When I uploaded my own version of this body, it didn't work at first so if you attempted to upload either body before new year's eve, it probably didn't work, but the updated versions are below! Pm me if you try them and they don't work.

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