Friday, December 27, 2013

First head post in a while :)

The .gif version (it blinks) of this head was made for my good friend mandi :) I will give you the .png version. You are free to do anything you'd like with it, as long as you do not flaunt the original image as your own. If you've got a recolor request, just pm me what color you'd like it in (my name is tutti, I'm in the guild cirque, and I look like this:), and I would be happy to recolor it, as I've got nothing to do with my break anyhow.
The original head was by Sophie from
I changed the eyes, hair a little bit, hair color, and about half of the actions.
If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out their site, they're very talented and it's the first place i go for ideas on customs! Anyway, I hope you like the head :)

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  1. Could i edit this? To make different colors?? I would credit you