Wednesday, July 18, 2012

im back and more :D

hEY PPL! if you already know me then u knew i was already back!k anyways i posted this head cause i said ill have stuffish! this was gonna be my head then i changed it so im not gonna use this anymore xD so yea i hope u like it and ill make it long hair today so yea. i said more to this title cause of my anna nanakat xD but anna im sad for u if u got hacked or something cause first i got vip scam didnt give up. lost my head without a 50% refund cause of stinking admins and i farmed and worked hard for it! i mean u can get all that stuff back if u believe xD believe youll get itunes soon like on a holiday save up for it! so yea. i hope u get itunes soon and enjoy the head.. SORRY IF THIS IS LONG XDDDD and ps lifes been harsh and i cried too when i lost everything but that was fine for me idc if i had no itunes still did it!

1 comment:

  1. I really like this head!! But could u make one with the eyes blinking abs when u turn to the side it can see the eyes AND the earrings flash shiny one a while? Thx