Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kira's graphics

hello everyone ;x ! here is my fail graphics..in my perspective it is a fail.But i decided to show you guys my graphics..i'm not that good of a graphic designer,but i guess i improved a tiny tad.There are unfinished heads and finished heads,please don't copy anything from here.Thanks!


  1. I fell in love with that black haired head with the headband and bow... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL XD I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL U POST IT IF U R GONNA POST IT! Btw ur amazing at graphics c:

  2. Heyy...um may i make the full template of ur apple head? Plz? :) also i will luv u to post the full template of the one before it! If u make it btw

  3. omg! those are so cute! oh i was wondering if you can put up the body with the gray skirt and the suspenders and the bow tie? x)that ones really cute! :3
    <3 Fiona

  4. I love your gfx <3 i hope you post them :333 thanks for showing them to up and i hope you continue to make gfx!!



  5. From the bodies ;; I love the 1st && the 3rd one the best . As well as the 4th ~
    My user name is Tabita.
    ~ Please msg me ~

  6. these bodies are amazing.