Wednesday, July 11, 2012

:( please read xD

hey guys. should i say fellas ^~^ har har. well i posted this to say goodbye. to graal D: ill only be on sometimes though.. there will be a day that ill come back with itunes.. ive had enough problems to graal and also in life too. its harsh. so SHAME ON U ADMINS I DIDNT GET 50% REFUND XD and after that happened things went wrong in graal ;\ didnt have itunes to get the head :\ well thanks to all the wod members to keep me happy, also tutti if your reading this thanks... for making me an admin here. i dreamed of being an admin for gfx but nope not in graal but atleast this site :D when i get back.. i will have stuffish for you guys..!!!! well thanks for reading this and goodbye :) P.S. from abby or jessie as u know me or alainna or smorbby xD but i was still abby when smorrby haha bye :3

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